Research and Development

Since our inception, we have been committed to excellence and innovation.

We participate in the growth of our partners by designing and assembling injection moulded plastic parts.

After a successful experience in plastic injection, the group wished to expand its activity by using new technologies. Through innovation and development of our talents, we want to meet all expectations of our stakeholders.

The objective being to integrate innovation into industry to develop new products and new technologies, thus creating value and maintaining our position as a quality leader. Whether it is at design, production or marketing, research and development levels will enable the group to develop its specificity, while differentiating its offer from competitors.

The group plans to open a development centre in 2020, in which passionate and disciplined people will be associated with cutting-edge technology, in order to bring essential engineering solutions to customers and open up innovation partnerships.

The centre’s mission will be development of new knowledge, new products or processes. The aim is to convert ideas into real high-performance products, as research and development that will enable the group to make successful transition to new industries that are more efficient, agile and precise. The constant concern for innovation has always mobilized us towards quality and continuous process improvement.

It is not only about product innovation, but also about constantly questioning processes in order to find new ways and techniques for creating long-term added value for us and our stakeholders.

Working on a daily basis to improve performance of activities and strengthen technological capabilities, while ensuring a first-rate investment in research and development that is an asset for the group.

From November 2020, the centre’s initial activities will focus primarily on development of injection moulding for advanced lighting and electronic products.