The values that form the basis of our corporate culture

In a constantly changing and evolving environment, we have tried to collectively update our code of conduct based on a set of values.

Being endowed with these values will clearly reaffirm who we are, what we expect from our employees and how we build our relationships with our customers, stakeholders and within our group.

Four key values form the foundation of our corporate culture:

Quality: A priority that has always symbolized us

L’Excellence is essential, but it is only possible with rigor and continuous control that we owe to ourselves and to our clients. The Group has been committed to a quality approach since 2011 with the aim of meeting customer requirements as closely as possible, and we operate in a certified quality environment (ISO 9001 and IATF VERSION 2016) and soon EN-9100 for aeronautics. Quality and technical excellence are priority objectives for us in all our processes.

Integrity : By maintaining trust and a good relationship with others

To maintain and nurture this trust, we must always act truthfully and honestly. Our entrepreneurial spirit provides our employees, teams and partners with the right conditions to create innovative solutions. We share knowledge and seize opportunities. We think and act differently and creatively. All with a single goal in mind: to find the best possible solutions for our clients.

Innovation : By pushing back the limits of standards

Our environment has always been oriented towards research and continuous improvement and development of processes and products, since we are convinced that innovation is the first vector of wealth and survival for our group.
Constantly research and deploy our innovations to increase value creation in order to promote creativity in our management style, tools, methods and processes. The group’s main goal is to adapt our offers to the technical and professional developments of our clients. And at the heart of this concern, we have decided to open a technical development centre by 2020 that will bring together experts to develop new concepts and products.

Transparency : By remaining sincere and capable to justify our actions and decisions

For us, transparency is a real performance lever by making information accessible to all.

We take responsibility for our personal and professional actions and are concerned about the impact of our work on our environment. We certainly want to contribute to the group’s development while remaining honest and transparent towards ourselves.