We put our experience to the benefit of railway industry

Today, thanks to our industrial experience and our ISO 9001 and IATF certifications for maintaining a reliable quality management system, we have increased our design and production capacity for plastic parts.

In addition, we want to make our skills and know-how available to new industries. Our group is not only limited to the automotive industry.

On the high-speed line, there are interesting prospects on the horizon for railway industry. It is time for our group to restructure and develop the business in order to face competition.

Our main vision is to mobilize solid and well-controlled know-how that will enable us to perpetuate and consolidate our presence on the market. We are starting to deploy all our technical, human and financial resources in order to secure a considerable place within the rail market.

These are the technical components that go into the assembly of orange lamps used to mark out obstacles for the SNCF as an end customer. Criteria and requirements of this industry in terms of product quality are extremely strict. We mobilize our resources with the aim of achieving a high level of excellence and quality.

As experts in the field of plastic injection moulding, we are committed to providing products made from technically adapted raw materials and resistant to fluctuating environments; major transformation of the railway sector and opening of new markets for supply of materials requires a constant search for solutions at tight cost levels.

Whether standard equipment, complex sub-systems or others, we support our customers to achieve a higher level of performance, while increasing their margins and enhancing competitiveness of their business, in accordance with our quality standards.

Signal d'arret
Signal d'arret

And following a partnership with a railway company in France, which is expert in development of innovative and high-performance solutions for railway infrastructure on behalf of SNCF, we began since 2017 producing, assembling and delivering castings in Bi -injection.